Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas with the Thai

Christmas day was spent cooking and playing with the Abba House girls and the New Life guys all day! We woke up fairly early to begin cooking a turkey we had bought as a treat for everyone, and mashed potatoes - enough for about 40 people! At noon we had lunch and thenseparated into teams to compete throughout the day! I was on the"Shepherd" teamwith 3 NLA (New Life) guys and 4 AHF (abba house) girls, and then myselfand another girl from my team. The games included all sorts of "field day" events including water balloon fights/tosses, volley ball, sack races and a game of bowling with water balloons and different sized coke/water bottles and cans. It was a full day with tons of laughter and a welcomed shower before dinner. Dinner was a mongolian family meat feast style! It was so good!After dinner we had a piƱata which took about 20 people beating tearing at it before it busted to reveal tons of Thai candies.

Then we all gathered up in the chapel to sing a few Christmas songs - some in Thai and some in English - and listen to a reading of the Christmas Story. Afterwards we had a few more games and performed a few skits. The NLA guys did a Fantastic job telling the Christmas story; their wise-men looked pretty legit! Gift exchanging was done by drawing numbers and then we concluded with a dance party! This Christmas was all about the Lord's gifts - the gift of grace to be in relationship with Him, the gift of life that He has given all of us, and the gift of communities where we can gather together no matter where we're from and celebrate Him together. A Christmas to remember for the rest of my life I am overwhelmed with thanksgiving that I was able to spend it with these amazing Thai people!

Love Always

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