Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So Moved

My heart and soul are So moved... 

Tonight the Lord brought me to remember The Call Nashville 7.7.07

That date and experience I will never forget. Yet I seem to forget the magnificent way God showed up. The way He came into me like never before. The way He spoke to me, and how He pulled me to Himself. Any time I stumble upon the videos and recordings from that day I watch anew, captivated by His power. By the awe of that experience. The way Holy Spirit comes upon me each time. 

I sit, trying to pull together, words to describe the feelings I have right now... 






SO desperate for HIM.
Longing to be there again.





so moved to tears...

He is Awesome, Powerful, Gentle and Mighty!
My heart cries out like the Lion of Judah... 

Crying out for More

A couple clips from the day: (above) following the song Let It Rain, a time of Spirit-led intercession. (below) the last "event" of the day -the sound of "rain" is really the sound of the thousands of us shaking keys and praying. the Sound of the outcry we made literally shook the stadium seats - not that anyone really noticed. 
God's presence was so thick throughout the entire day, and as you can see a little bit in this second clip, it ended in a "Holy Spirit Dance Party." Glory! 

Love Always

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