Monday, March 5, 2012

Dark but Lovely

I have no eloquent words, nor can my mouth confess the fullness of the goodness of God. In the prayer room this afternoon it was all I could do to pray, "Thank you God for who you are," over and over and over again as I paced through the room. When I first heard the song Dark but Lovely, I knew that there were depths to it I didn't understand and  remember asking the Lord to reveal Himself to me through the song. Not more than a  couple months later Misty Edwards begins playing it and I am all but moved to tears; a whole new perspective and longing kindled in my heart.  There is no full understanding of the great grace which He has bestowed on us, but I am no fool to say that if it were not for the abundance of His grace upon my life I would not be living today.  Though I am dark, He calls me lovely.  And in my greatest weaknesses the Lord's heart is captivated.  It is beyond me, and it brings me to my knees, that this Holy and most perfect God would call me His Beloved.  Oh but I long to know Him more, to know every part of Him.  Intimacy is what I delight in, Love is what I have. Weakness is my strength, and Beloved is my name. Praise be to the Lord or Lords!  All glory, honor, and power be to Him who sits on the throne and who's voice is like that of many rushing waters. For He alone is worthy, He is Holy, and I will joyfully pour out my life as an offering to Him. That sweet incense would arise from my lips to move His heart day after day after day.  
Dark but Lovely
I can’t understand
This work of Grace
How a perfect God
Would come and take my place

The stars, they don’t move you
The waves, can’t undo you
The mountains, and their splendor
They cannot steal your heart.

This God, who is Holy
Perfect in Beauty
Awesome in Glory
Is ravished by my heart

Though I am dark
You say I am lovely
Though I am poor
You say I am beautiful:

Somehow my weakness
Has overwhelmed You
Somehow my weak love
It has stolen away Your heart

Love Always

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