Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Thank you for Flying"

God is So faithful. I am beyond words to describe my thanks for His faithfulness and provision... nothing can fully describe my love for Him and His love for me.

I am now at Lee University staying with my sisters here & Loving the simplicity of BEing together. Getting here was such a testimony of God's privision I am so grateful for His presence during my travels here.

Saturday morning I spent with my mother and sister while finishing last minute packing and checking flight details. It was raining all morning and we left early to make sure there would be no trouble checking in baggage and the lot, however the traffic was worse than we expected and several wrecks had occurred. We finally arrived at the baggage check in and I had missed the "cut-off" by 3 MINUTES! So I go join a line of others and overheard the desk clerk telling the woman in front of me that they will have to changer her flight. I'm now praying fervently as I wait for my turn and after 8 minutes the lady is done and it's my turn to face the music. So I hand her my boarding pass and she begins to look quite confused, turning to her co-worker they both look shocked at their computers... (Me to God: What!? What's going on? Lord, come on, please let this go smoothly, please, please please...) She looks up at me and says, "well, your flight just was delayed 15 minutes even with the storm break...?" (THANK YOU GOD!!) haha She leans in and continues, "I'm not really supposed to do this, but give me your bag and go through security- you're "on time" in my books." (WOW!!!) So I turn and say goodbye to my mother and sister, then book it through security and to my terminal. I reach my gate and take a seat by several others waiting and have time to make a few memos, a phone call and just breathe for a moment. Suddenly I hear some God whispers and look up at the screen to notice that it says "Los Angeles" in severals locations... I take out my boarding pass and realize I'm 2 gates from my flight!!! (yikes! Whoa, God thanks, please let me make my flight!!) I get to my CORRECT gate just as they call my boarding number! (OH MY GOODNESS LORD! THANK YOU!) Get on the plane, find my seat and fully relax for the first time since I woke up that morning. I had made my first flight by the grace of God!
The flight itself was rough, turns out that big storm clouds can make it feel like the plane is free falling every 2 minutes... it was a little much for my motion sickness, but I was able to rest in the secret place and He would hold my body. While in that secret place of dwelling with God I spent ministering to God and also praying over the passengers around me. Also during the flight I got to speak with a young man beside me for a short time, and just share a little about my heart and work against sex trafficking and prostitution. I think he was a bit uncomfortable hearing about it so I did so cautiously, but I know that there was a reason God had me tell him about it.
Arrived in Charlotte, NC 30 mins late but I was looking at a 3 hour layover. So this time I made sure to check my gate (i'm sure I checked it 7 times), eat a little bit and make a few more phone calls. It was about 30mins prior to my loading time and again I began to hear God's whisper. Practically jumping to my feet I went to the desk and asked the lady working to reaffim that the flight to Chattanooga was on time. AGAIN the lady looked puzzled saying, "i haven't heard anything about a flight to Chatt.." and started looking things up on her computer. (God.. seriously, what is going on here?) After a few minutes and a phone call the woman told me that they had changed my gate that morning. -even though it said it was her gate online! So I am in terminal E.. and my flight leaves from A. (alright, here we go again God, i'll play along) I reach my gate - recheck with the attending woman that this was indeed where I was supposed to be - and then sat down, laughing at all the worry I had allowed to slip into my heart throughout the day.
Now content and at rest I began people gazing, one of my favorite things to do in public places. And I was so thrilled to just notice the individuals around me and see their lives. At one point this woman in her later 20s-early 30s walked in and I was immediately drawn to her spirit. She was across the room from me, and I tried not to act like a Complete Creeper but loved watching her be at ease as she waited- marveling to God about her beauty and how joyfully I felt her presence. Eventually I moved on to an older couple down the bench and it was a few minutes later when I looked and locked eyes with the other woman. Now, normally when you do this an an airport or in any other place you and the other person flash a smile, do a little head nod, or the "greeting blink," and then turn away. However- this time, neither of us could. We locked eyes, and it seemed like we were connecting in a deeper- spiritual way- and as this happened we went from smiling to fully Laughing in a matter of seconds! After the laughing subsided we did the "blink greeting" and then carried on with our people gazing. A few other times we'd catch each other's eye and just smile- the knowledge of a Higher and most beautiful God who's love and joy covers all being exchanged. (GOD, that was AMAZING! can this happen every day for the rest of my life?! haha)
Finally we began loading and these older woman who had been a ways across and down from me came up to me and just spoke beauty over me and encouraged me in it (so cool!) My seat is in the very back aisle seat of the jet -next to the bathroom and well, I'm not complaining at this point. When it looks like everyone is just about on I notice a very large man making his way back toward my "outpost." He gets his luggage stowed, looks at the small seat between myself and the window and then says, "that's me..." (haha, ok God- you're really funny...) Finally getting settled we take off for a very smooth 50min trip to Chattanooga the "hub of transportation" we passengers joked upon arriving in the airport and not seeing a Single staff member until at the baggage check in where there were 2.
At the baggage collection gate I was met not just by my sister Casey, but by 4 other sisters as well- such a joyful surprise!!! Those girls are amazing!
When we arrived on campus it was about 9:40 and several of us made our way to the prayer room. There a small group of about 10 brothers and sisters were gathered- worshiping our Father and ministering to each other. I could spend hours telling the unique details about all that happened during that prayer room set, however I will sum it up by saying that God's Presence came and moved about us. We stayed in His Presence, fellowshipping together and getting rocked by God in such a refreshing way until 12:30am! I LOVE entering His courtyards with my brothers and sisters here at Lee, there is such a freedom and unity in it!

God was all over my travels and I have only thanksgiving for the guiding whispers He gave me throughout the day and for the reward at the end of the day! :)
"Sing to God, sing praises to his name; lift up a song to Him who rides through the deserts; his name is the Lord; exult before Him!" ~Psalm 68:4

Love Always

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