Friday, December 17, 2010

North to Chiang Mai

Sawadee Kha!

We made it safely into the Abba House Foundation at 2am this morning (it's 10:30pm on fri now)!!
It's a little outdated, but you can visit their site at to get a better idea of who I am working with here in Chiang Mai.

This morning we met with Joyce Moore, who started Abba House Foundation with her husband, David, 8 years ago! How they started this and their story is so inspiring and good to hear, I feel like she'll have much to pour into us while we are here.
Our time at the foundation is going to be very busy- our days are planned out, to the hour, between 11am-7pm. We will be teaching english primarily at 3 different levels to the men here (i think they are aged 16- 28ish? idk exactly- it's hard to judge ages here)

After meeting with her she took us to a mall here in Chiang Mai to eat lunch and purchase food for the next week.
Nuntakarn, aka "O," is our translator - she is a Precious young woman from Chiang Rai who did her DTS in Montana in January of last year. She and I have been getting to know each other all day and are already best of friends! :) After the mall we came back and met with the guys living here on campus - they are all so sweet! We played several name games and laughed so hard with everyone trying to memorize each other's names! So funny! We'll post video/pictures of it later.

We had dinner with the girls in their house and while it was very difficult to communicate it was so much fun and SO exciting to get to eat with them!!! We had a church service after dinner and at one point it was open to a time of thanking God for something that happened during the week (family sharing time) and the kids had a representative get up and tell us how excited and thankful they were that God brought us here to spend Christmas and New years with them- apparently they all were trying to see us this morning when they left for school but we were fast asleep since we got in at 2am. precious :) But we did get to say hello when they got off the bus today!

This weekend we have off and then start on Monday - after hanging out with the kids and guys here I am BEYOND excited to spend the next month with them!!! I love them all so much already and we've only but spent a day together! I can already tell that I'm going to be stretched out of my comfort zone while here. And while I'm squirming at the stretch I'm looking forward to the outcome- it is good.

Love Always

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