Monday, February 7, 2011

Lice Party!

Lounging on my bunk above Ivy. On some weird antibiotics that make me light headed. I’m sick with nasty stomach cramps reminding me so every time I move- or laugh- which tonight, has been often.
Abbie’s washing her hair of lice. She’s been using my brush, and Ivy’s brush, Ivy used Jacque’s hat today, and Catherine was snuggling with Abbie last night. Poor thing's miserable. Maybe we should all get roti to make us feel better - what? who said that?
Catherine is freaking out, just a little bit, which is one of the funniest things to watch. She’s paranoid about the lice, so Katie just tells her to “google it! -seriously, do it.”
Katie’s bunk is by the door. Everyone sits on it, lays on it and puts their stuff on it. She’s rebuking the lice and claiming freedom over all of them in our room. Amen sista!
Marissa finally finished No Compromise by Melody Green, she’s wanted to finish it since last week. Basically big sister to all of us, she and I often talk with our eyes and end up grinning about everything. She got a gnarly burn on her leg this morning- hope it doesn’t scar.
Allysha has dozed off to the melodies of her iPod. Could have sworn she was sweeping just a moment ago. I’m tempted to steal whatever she stored in the fridge from dinner.
Ivy’s doing something on her computer, probably emailing her boyfriend. She’s sweet, falls asleep during the debriefs after bar nights, and I love having her as a bunk mate here in Phuket.
Guyla is somewhere. Not really sure where but probably with a guitar and those corn snack things in hand. Her English has been improving so much! Though I love hearing the murmuring as she prays in Tajik, or Russian, or is she speaking in tongues? We don’t know either, but love it.
Jacque’s rustling around in her “cave.” Food wrappers crinkling, headphones on. A loud shuffling of papers, blankets, pillows, computer, books, and whatever else is inhabiting the “cave” indicates she’s lost her glasses again. She’s doing an amazing job of organizing us just the same and we love her dearly.
“It takes a week for a lice egg to hatch” reads Catherine. My head itches. All of us are going to get lice. But it’s ok, we’re on outreach and “it could be worse.”

Morning has arrived. I have lice. We tore our room apart and are boiling sheets and pillow cases. "Team time" today is "clean time" - we're all going to spend the afternoon washing, combing, pruning, and grooming. I'm going to have 6 inches of hair cut off. It's a party!

We are getting along great and I couldn’t ask for a better team!
Well, maybe one without so much hair... lol Just kidding!
Love Always

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  1. Hahahahaha! Oh I love this...what a wonderful team we have!