Monday, February 7, 2011


For the first time since leaving the country my body is angrily refusing to keep anything down. It's hot, humid, and I'm secreting a film of sweat as I lay here on my bunk. I'm sipping on salty electrolyte water, with a fan on my face, and antibiotics working on my stomach. Taking advantage of the time - I want to share what the Lord has planned for me after outreach.

That's right, the co-inhibitor of a small Caribbean island not 3 hours on a plane from the states, but world's apart in status of living. A country known for it's dark practices that run deep within the veins of generations, but who were heard crying out for "Jesus" in the midst of the earth's loud groans.

Home to perhaps the largest and most chaotic tent city in existence. 5 – 7 thousand people crammed into makeshift houses with only feet or inches separating each tattered tent. Human beings living like cattle...victims of circumstance. [thank you Jon Hatton, my brother in Haiti]

Going on staff for the first DTS ever run in PAP with an incredible team of dreamers and disciples of Christ. Giving the only thing I have, myself, to no longer consider that mine either. I have given my life, my comfort, my dreams and aspirations - all for the sake of Him who first loved me.

What am I doing? What about family? College? Am I really going to lead others, some of them will be older than me. Haiti is unstable, even dangerous. I'm a young, single, woman, going into one of the darkest and most crowded places on earth. No college degree, no special "skill set" to utilize, just myself and My God. The world tells me this is absolute foolishness.

The Lord chose me and has called me to go. He has promised that the anointing for the season, He will provide. He has been preparing me for years. And is further preparing me for what He created me to do. My youth will inspire others and my faith carry through. A maturity and wisdom imparted beyond my years. Knowing I am His Daughter. Understanding the authority and power I walk in as His heir. If even that means I've learned how to call out in my lacking. I am found safest in His will. He will never forsake me. What I have to give to Him, He will multiply and use for the greatness of His Glory. That it is nothing I can do, but Him through me. No pressure, just joy and a willingness to follow my Beloved Shepherd.

To positively change the youth of this nation; to raise up righteous leaders; to influence current leaders; to touch with His heart; to help with His hands; to empower with His Spirit; to inspire and encourage disciples of Christ.

Every day and every hour- to His authority, His power, His will, His plans. It's not possible by anything I can do, anything the staff can do, any human can do; only He can do these things.

More of Him and less of me. His strength. His comfort. His Spirit within. His love. More.
$6,000 - for insurance, room/board, plane tickets, outreach fees (praying about leading to Jamaica) all included. No big.
Dedicated prayer warriors. It's not going to be easy. It's a battle each day- for joy, for hope, for wisdom and for peace.

More about On-Location: Haiti DTS:

Love Always

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