Friday, May 20, 2011


Hello all!
I have now been in Haiti for 2 amazing days! The culture here is very different and the spiritual atmosphere definitely heavier, but there is such a spirit of joy and confidence in what the Lord is about to do here. Tomorrow our school leader, Sean Murphy, will be joining us tomorrow - and we are all looking forward to seeing him!

The last couple days have been spent settling into our house called Bellvil where there are 23 staff living together.  After spending just the last day or so with the staff here we are all so excited to spend the next few months ministering together.  As we go through the next 2 weeks of staff training I expect that it will be full of incredible testimonies, laughter, amazing worship and lots of prayer.

Electricity is not constant in the city and the internet cannot handle video streaming or photo uplaods very well so those may be limited during my stay here. I hope to be able to paint the best pictures I can for you all through words - bear with me on this ;)
Love Always

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