Saturday, July 2, 2011

Haiti. Port-Au-Prince.

Most things happen that can simply be described as, "only in Haiti."
We finally have electricity after 6 days without.
Wednesday our dinner's steak got stolen out of the truck.
There are flies and mosquitoes everywhere. Landing on me even as I type this.
This city is chaos defined.
Every trip out is exhausting and filled with the unexpected.
Tap taps, moto’s, moving trucks with windows cut into it.
UN everywhere sporting guns, fingers on triggers.
It's rainy season and hasn't rained in a month.
We don't have running water - it's all buckets from the neighbor's cistern Somehow we haven't had to fill our cistern but once.
Dare we say it's a miracle? Yes.
Greed, anger, rejection.
Fear, lying, cheating.
Generosity, peace, hospitality.
Joy, truthfulness, caring.
People wait in their driveways for students to come pray for them.
20 people accept Christ as their Lord and Savior on community outreach days.
Generosity is abounding as the Lord moves in their hearts to bless us.
Children run to you in passing begging, naked, needing love.
Often I wonder what I'm doing here - the Lord is moving so much.
I can't understand why he would allow me to be part of this.
He is doing everything, I just feel along for the ride.
What can I do be honor Him in worship and in obedience?
He doesn’t need me. I know this so well.
Time and time again the Lord has displayed His miracles.
Who am I that He would CHOOSE to use me,
rather than just do it Himself?
Make eye contact with everyone directly in your path.
Don’t fear anyone or anything, they won’t kill you.
Most people genuinely just want to arise.
Circumstances have forced them otherwise.
What is and is to come.
What am I doing here?
What God is this I serve?
What I do in obedience echoes into eternity.
Hallelujah, I rest secure.
God is so good to me, I am overwhelmed by His love for me.
When I fail, He rescues me with peace, encouragement, and joy.
He loves these people more than I could ever imagine.
Psalm 100

Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth!
Serve the Lord with gladness!
Come into his presence with singing!

Know that the Lord, he is God!
It is he who made us, and we are his;
we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.

Enter his gates with thanksgiving,
and his courts with praise!
Give thanks to him; bless his name!

For the Lord is good;
his steadfast love endures forever,
and his faithfulness to all generations.

Love Always

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