Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Living "Where's Waldo"

As my friend posted on my wall just the other day, I have been everywhere in the last month!

On November 4th I took the team back to Haiti for a week of reunions, DTS graduation and goodbyes. It was a great week talking about what the Lord had done for them in the last 5 months and how they could continue pressing into His presence as they went on from Haiti. I have to say, the people in that group are some of the most phenominal people that I've ever met! They have gone through an incredible season of change and are all passionately seeking after what God is calling them to next. Some of the students needed to return to high school to finish their primary education, others are planning to develope an orphanage ministry there in Haiti, one of my tet-on-tets (one-on-ones) is staying on Hispaniola (which encompases both Haiti and the Dominican Republic) until mid February. All of them are truly rising world changers!

As everyone said goodbye whether they left by truck, tap-tap, walking, or by plane I too became teary eyed as my heart swelled with pride and a sadness that I wouldn't be with everyone again. It's one of the few downs to YWAM, you cultivate incredible friendships and relationships and then 5-6 months later the family scatters back into the world where it is highly unlikely that everyone will be together again. Some of them felt this to be harder than others, but everyone was sad to be leaving.

Praise God for His grace in allowing 80-100 people to live in one house, overcoming cultural differences, communicating through 2 different languages, and still walk away completely in love with eachother. I am so honored and humbled to have been apart of such an amazing group of people! Thank you Lord for chosing me among many to witness Your Awesome Power in the Port-Au-Prince, Haiti DTS this summer! I am forever changed.

November 15th I flew with 2 staff friends, Nathanael C. and Faith C., to New York where we spent the next four days enjoying the city. It was a HUGE adjustment to make and going from rugged Haiti to glamorous Times Square. While there we got to meet up with friends from old times, from our DTS in Kona and meeting many more. I was able to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the World Premier Dead Sea Scroll Exhibit, Central Park, and many of "the best food places" as my friend Dayne took us around. One of my favorite nights however was spent visiting the YWAM Cornerstone base in Flushing, NY. It's mainly a Korean base with one sweet foreign young lady on staff; I had a wonderful time ministering/being ministered to a few of them! Praise God! After spending the later part of the weekend at my sista, Candice's, home in Pennsylvania, I am now home in Texas with my mom and sister!! It's been a crazy month of traveling, exploring, and building relationships, but I am thrilled to be at home for this next season!

There is so much to be thankful for in the last year alone, but I'll have to share my thoughts on that another time. Until then, may God bless and encourage you with His grace and peace!
Love Always

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