Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Adventures for a New Year!

Happy New Years and Welcome to 2012!! :)

Just got back from the OneThing- Kansas City conference, put on by IHOP (International House of Prayer not of pancakes lol)!!! It was an Incredible 5 days of joining over 23,000 people (not to mention the 60,000+ that joined on the internet) in worshiping our Magnificent Obsession and growing in the knowledge of our God! It was the best way to celebrate the new year, dancing and singing praises to the Lord - thanking Him  for a year of provision and blessing and looking forward to continue walking in intimacy with Him. If you missed it, or would like to know more about it - there are videos online of al the worship sessions and teachings and I would suggest you go take a look (especially if you're simply wasting time on the computer lol) you can do that by going to www.ihop.org/onething/.

While there the Lord was revealing to me that I really don't know how to rest in a healthy way. I usually fall into the "too busy" mode or into a "lazy, uninspired" funk when I try. So through the course of the conference He opened the door for me to do an internship at the International House of Prayer! Now you may be thinking that it doesn't sound like "rest" but after speaking to the leadership there and confirming with God, this is exactly where I need to be. The internship will have 3-4 hours of Biblical teaching a day and will help me expand my knowledge of God and His Word and then will include a few hours of Prayer Room time where I just get to dwell in His presence, focusing entirely on worshiping the Lord, and interceding. A few times a week I'll have ministry time which consists of simply ushering in the prayer room and so it is not demanding or anything like the ministry I've been doing for the past 2 years through YWAM. This is an incredible opportunity for me to do what I was made to do - to sit at the throne and bring my everything to Him every moment of every day. I am blessed to be called to a lifestyle completely dedicated to spending time with the Father, and it is a calling that He is so worthy of and I cannot imagine doing anything else right.

The internship costs $900, which is due on the start date (next Friday) and does not include housing or food. So each month I will need about $500 to pay for rent, food and the occasional transportation costs. I am looking to find a room near the IHOP campus that is within walking distance and I am blessed to have a friend who is there looking for me to. Also, I will need a flight from Dallas (DFW) to Kansas City (MCI) on the 12th (next thursday) which will likely cost about $200. This is way more than what I have but God has proven that it is all His money anyways and that He will hold to the "His will, His bill" quote that I've lived by the last 2 years. For those of you who feel led to partner with me financially during this season of rest at IHOP, I would suggest donating online through Paypal by clicking on the button to the right, or you can mail a check to my new address at P.O.Box 467 Keller, TX 76244. Other than that I covet your prayers as I walk into this new season!

God is lining things up for me so that even in this fast turnaround, He is blessing me with complete peace as He makes all that need to get done move quickly and smoothly. It is such a blessing to be in the presence and service of our God - He is so Holy and Worthy to be Praised. He alone is worthy of my everything and I cannot escape His call to come and set aside everything to simply be with Him. As always I am praying that you are doing well and that incredible blessings come upon you as we walk into this new year! I am honored and so thankful for your prayers, which are so powerful and truly move the hand of God!

Here's a look at one of my favorite OneThing sets with Jon Thurlow
Love Always

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