Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Home Sweet Home!

It's been a week and a half since the internship at the International House of Prayer (IHOP-KC) ended and I returned home! Hardly believe it myself as I have been coming to terms with the fact that it is in fact, April, and not February. Home has been wonderful and I feel so blessed to be here at this time and having not much more on my plate than resting, spending time with family and meeting our new family member, Gunner! It has been so needed as I really haven't had an opportunity to rest since summer 2010. I've found that I'm sleeping more than usual and while it was a little puzzling at first, a woman I met put it well saying, "there is something about being home after a long voyage that just puts you at ease, and you find yourself able to do things that you hadn't in a long time." It's so true - I now have time to rest, to read my Bible on my own time, and I've also taken up writing chapters of the Bible to begin a cover-to-cover study/read through of the Word. Things I hadn't been able to do while staffing with YWAM or interning at IHOP, but now I've got all day to do - Praise the Lord for rest! 

Last week I had an interview at Christ's Haven for Kids, a sort of privately owned foster care/children's home, for a summer rec job. My mom already works for them and my younger sister too, volunteers at their horse barns, and the three of us live here on the campus. It was not certain that I would get the job and the week before returning home it seemed over and over that things would not work out, but upon the interview I was hired on the spot and now will have a steady summer job! It's going to be great working with about 20-25 kids aged 7-17 every day this summer AND getting to do devotions with them as it is a Christian organization, and I'm getting paid to do it! Bondye Bon! ("God is Good" in Haitian Creole)

Easter weekend I had four girls from IHOP-KC come down and stay with me to attend TheEstherCall, Dallas. It was a 2 day women's conference where women gathered from all over the US and even some internationals, standing up as Esther's in this day and age. Together these women were standing in courage and boldness, speaking out against the murder of millions of babies that society calls Abortion. Starting with several hundred women gathering in front of the Dallas courthouse (where Roe v. Wade was passed, legalizing abortion in America) to several thousand gathered at the convention center it was an awe-inspiring day. To see thousands of women, who had an abortion(s) themselves or who had been affected by abortion in other ways, fasting and praying together for HOURS - I've never seen anything like it. I'll be writing more about the conference and how I got to serve these women soon, so be on the look out! 

Sunday morning I attended Gateway's Easter service and was moved by the teaching on the three absolute truths of Jesus Christ's sacrifice for our salvation: He died, He was buried, and He is Risen! After the service there was an alter call, as is usual on Easter sundays, but this time I was truly moved. As about 40-50 people came down to the front, making a physical statement that they were receiving Christ as their Lord and Savior, I began feeling the joy of the Lord for the souls being saved. Though I have seen and been apart of many salvation prayers, this time the reality of what was going on just hit me in a deep and tender way. As my heart swelled for the new brothers and sisters I was receiving and cheering on, tears of joy filled my eyes and I just wanted to run down and hug every single one of them! It was amazing seeing the church, this service probably holding a good 2,000 people, praising the Lord and cheering the 50 people as they walked to the front! Yes, Lord - I know you desire every man, woman, and child on the face of the earth to be your sons and daughters. I know how happy this Easter sunday made you, and I know that every day there are more and more coming into your kingdom, I want to be apart of it! Here I am, God, take all of me and use me to the furthering of your kingdom and the declaring of Your great Name among the nations! 
Love Always

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