Sunday, November 11, 2012

Unrestrained & Undone

If all I were to do is worship my God, my Father, my Beloved and Counselor - that would satisfy my heart and soul; BUT He plans even more than that!

He created me, you, us, for intimacy!

The joy of participating in the lives of others while learning more of His Majestic ways... I am so overwhelmed by the LOVE He wants to SHARE.

He doesn't simply desire us to love Him, but He desires an active, 2-way, relationship! Wow!!!

This one thing remains through it all - our love for one another.

I am undone.

My Lord, I will be led by you.

May my life be an example of the sweetest of surrender and love for you, Glorious God Most High!!!!

I heard this the other day and it's completely captivated my attention "I want my life to be characterized by an unrestrained affection for the Son of God!" This is now the focus of my heart, that I would be completely unrestrained when it came to loving the Son of God; the Great High Priest; the I AM; that my life would be a testament to the love we share.

May revival (Jesus' Inheritance) begin with me!

I am completely overwhelmed with desire to know Him more, to love Him more - God, increase my capacity, teach me new ways of loving You.

Love Always

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