Monday, February 18, 2013

Another Year to Celebrate!

This week marks the beginning of another year of life having just celebrated my 22nd birthday!  In the last couple weeks I have been hit with the awe of all the Lord has taken me through and all He's allowed me to be apart of - here's a few highlights, accomplishments and memories that have marked my life thus far.

22 Life Accomplishments by age 22...

I have accepted Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of my life and welcomed Holy Spirit into my heart!

... worked in a Christian foster care facility
... preached the gospel in a remote hill tribe of Thailand
... gone Christmas caroling in a Buddhist nation
... jumped off a 30ft cliff into the ocean, sat atop a 200ft waterfall
... led a team of nine 17-49 year old, "missionaries in training" from 3 different nations with 2 different languages, into Jamaica for two months
... shared my testimony, ministered to, and worshiped in several prisons around the world
... lived in a 3rd world nation for 6months
... witnessed the reconciliation of many to their Lord Jesus & led many to accept Jesus as their Savior
... attended a national soccer game between Haiti and the Virgin Islands - and lived to tell about it!
... witnessed to men, women and children in the red light district of Phuket
... been in 6 nations, 26 states, and swam in 3 of the 5 oceans of the world (Atlantic, Pacific and Indian)
... spent time learning Spanish, Latin, Sign Language, Creole, Thai, Hawaiian, Korean, and French
... had God physically heal my back of Scoliosis/injury
... witnessed the physical healing of broken arms, legs, crooked spines immediately through prayer
... helped steward a move of God as the revelation of Jesus Christ swept the Lee University campus
... received training in primary health care, counseling, ceramics, graphic design, interior design, evangelism, water technology, art, acting, vocal performance, intercession, worship, and Bible
... led worship in homes, youth groups, barns, church fellowships, prayer rooms, airports, and street corners in several different languages
... lived with people from 24+ nations: Egypt, South Africa, South Korea, Haiti, Canada, USA, Russia, Cameroon, Singapore, Guam, Jamaica, UK, Thailand, Burma/Myanmar, Tajikistan, Australia, Philippines, Sweden, Norway, Armenia, Israel, China, Brazil, & Holland
... made connections with several dignitaries and foreign ministers from around the world and become good friends with an African princess
... stood by one of my best friends on her wedding day
... ran a 2 day medical clinic in the mountains of Haiti, seeing around 200 people, some of whom traveled 3 days to get medical attention and most of whom had not had not seen a medical professional in over 3 years.

These are just a number of the amazing things God has led me to do in the short life I've lived.  In seeing these and knowing that God is always preparing us and training us for the next step I sit in awe at the marvelous unknown that lies ahead. As I remember many of these events in detail, I am reminded that it has only been by the Lord's amazing grace and the prayers and support of friends, family, and even strangers that has brought me this far.  I am so thankful to al those who have participated in my life and am looking forward, with great expectations, to what will follow.  I hope you will continue to join with me as I chase after the healing of people's hearts and the making of my God's mighty Name known in the nations of the Earth.

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Love Always

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