Saturday, January 14, 2012


So this will be a short but ends with a good nugget about His heart for us...
Yesterday I began the Intro to IHOP-KC Internship!!! I walked in yesterday morning with only $50 in cash and a complete peace about it. It was such a fun day! I met my "core group," which consists of a few missionary couples, girls from Egypt & Brazil, dancers, graphic designers, singers, musicians, photographers, entrepreneurs, and many other amazingly talented people! Orientation was all day and filled with hours of "this is how we do it," talks - not unlike YWAM and in fact it was interesting to compare the two throughout this orientation weekend. Friday I had lunch with 3 girls from Brazil, an Egyptian and a New Yorker - love being in such culturally diverse company and look forward to the next few months of getting to know them. Last night was invited to a Shabbat service, down the street from my town house, where the Holy Spirit moved us to repentance for the nation, followed by a lil'ole glory fest ;)
Today was our second day of orientation and was all about "consecrating ourselves" to the Lord. The Lord was really speaking to me through this session and as He spoke, both personally and through others, confirming this as a season of rest. One specific word that He gave me I feel led to share; as I was praying about what I needed to let go of and He came to me with this word about "learning how to let Him." It was so simple and He came saying, "My Beloved, would you just allow me to hold the door open for you? Can I get your coat for you? Here, let me treat you to dinner tonight, and tomorrow night, and the night after... Really, I just want to take care of you - I love you and would love it if you'd let me show you how much." It took my breath away as I sat in the room, surrounded by 75+ other, and He was just asking if I'd let Him serve me. He just wants to take care of me, and has asked me to let go of "needing to fundraise" or thinking about how I'm going to pay for rent, food, tuition, etc... and trusting that He will make it His concern so it doesn't have to be mine. Wow right? It is truly a blessed season and He is helping me pry finger after finger off of the "need to make things happen" orb. And I am finding it absolutely wonderful as He is imparting even greater peace and blessing me so dearly... there are no words...

Love Always

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