Tuesday, August 28, 2012


This evening a friend of mine posted a link to an anti-trafficking website that had a worldwide list of prices to be found on people. Starting with babies, teen agers, then adults, the numbers were both staggering and heart wrenching. 

You can take a look through the statistics if you want - they may not all be exact, but they are certainly in the correct ball park. http://traffickinginindia.blogspot.in/2012/08/human-trafficking-statistics-world-wide.html

As I read through these numbers my heart was incredibly humbled. How is it that I am so fortunate to have never had such a number placed on my life? Why not me? These are not simply numbers, but a child, man, woman... each one is an incredible person whom God loves so dearly! I found myself praying, "Oh that I could trade places with them, to show His love and sacrifice for each one of them." These thoughts course through my mind and heart, a deep longing to do whatever it takes to let them know that they are worth it all. 

I am reminded that Jesus has already done this for them - He laid down His life so that they could receive life abundantly. Freedom, healing, restoration, reconciliation - this is all attainable through the priceless blood of Christ Jesus. But some still have not heard of this amazing gift! God's ways are so often far beyond my comprehension, but sometimes, like tonight when my heart has me longing to switch places with just one woman, I know that His heart is for each one of them. He longs to switch places with each of them, to take the pain, the abuse, the anger, all of it, and to replace it with wholeness, identity, and love. He has been with each one of those babies, the children, each man and woman - He has never left their side, but is constantly seeking after them, longing to trade places with them. He is a merciful God, and though I don't understand, I know that without a doubt, He is Good.

Tonight I sit here crying, not because of the hopelessness of the situation but the amazing love that God has for us. He is so much greater than myself. I am humbled by my God whom I call Beloved. I know that while I am priceless, I am nothing without Him. Tonight I have discovered a little more of His weighty loving heart... and I know that He loves us so much, so painfully much. 

While I don't understand, I know that He is good. He has always been good, and He will always be good. My God is faithful, He is near, and He is very much alive & active today!

Love Always

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